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Nano-Science Camp
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Summary of NTSE Project
In recent years, numerous studies have shown a shocking decline in young people's interest for key science studies. Recent work by the OECD shows that over the last decade, in many countries, the number of young people entering universities is increasing but they are choosing fields other than science. When looked from a gender perspective the problem is even worse as, in general, girls are less interested in science education than boys.

NTSE aims to use ICTs as a tool to make the learning of science subjects more attractive and accessible. The project target groups are students from the general and vocational schools aged 13 to 18; teachers in science subject,plus college & university students attending science education courses (prospective school teachers in sciences) The project will establish a Virtual Lab, as an experimental virtual aid to science learning. This will serve as a platform for science lessons, as a database of teaching materials and as a hub for science-learning-related graphic aids and recorded and illustrated appealing experiments on Nano-Tech. It will include a Nano-Science Center, presenting to learners and their in-service or future teachers the miracles of the nano-technologies. A program for a week Science Camp training including hands-on experiments and demonstrations will be developed and delivered through the VL, this is a good step as an approbation of the contents and functionalities of the virtual lab.